Business & Enterprise

CARE Systems offers a complete security management solution for Enterprise Access control Systems, Fire Alarm, IP Video Surveillance, PA Systems.

Gate Controls and variety of safety and security products. These solutions are tailor made for Large Enterprises, Small & Medium Businesses.

We offer the start of art products which can be comprehensively managed and operated. We are tied up with some of the leading brands offering

One stop for Supply, Installation , Testing & Commissioning involving Turn Key Projects


Fire Fighting & Alarm Systems

✓ Addressable & Conventional Systems
✓ Integrated solution for FAS with Access
✓ Control, HVAC, PA etc
✓ VESDA, FM 200 Systems, Sprinklers

Enterprise Door Access Control Systems

✓ Multi-Site Architecture & Stand Alone Setup
✓ Biometric Systems & Readers
✓ Proximity & Smart Cards

CCTV Systems IP & HD

✓ Enterprise Server – Client Setup for Multiple Cameras & Locations
✓ Stand Alone NVRs and DVRs
✓ Intelligent Analytics Solutions for IP & HD Surveillance

Intelligent Building Management System

✓ Detailed Feasibility Study & Comprehensive quotation
✓ Seamless Management of HVAC, Lighting, Security Systems & Controls
✓ Open Platform Software bringing together in to a single integrated Database
✓ Save Energy, Reduce Cost, Improve Safety & Improving Value

Security gates and Lane Controls

✓ Flap Barriers & Turnstiles
✓ Boom Barriers
✓ Integrated Solutions with Access Control